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In this squeaky-clean episode, connect with Rooster also known as RJ Alesi to see how he turned lemons into lemonade with his new business RJ’s Ride & Shine. Losing his job due to downsizing from the COVID-19 pandemic to starting a new business and the biker life support he's received. This is no funny stuff as you hear about some of his past antics and his heart to be part of Bikers Doing Good! He just might reveal some parts of his past you may not have known until now!

In Raw & Unapologetic with Dutch Van Alstin the author the Life Behind Bars Book Series Dutch discusses biker names and where they come from.  Learn how one motorcyclist was named Magellan and what he had to do to earn that moniker. You'll want to hear the entire story so be sure to listen!


Rise N Shine
The UPS Store
Peggy's Corral

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