In this viral episode of the Chuck & Deb Show on Biker Life Radio you'll help to "flatten the curve" by simply listening. In a time where the word "lockdown" has a meaning for the entire world, bikers are still doing good. Listen to some fascinating stories that are taking place while people are practicing Social Distancing. 

Listen to Dutch Van Alstin's "Raw & Unapologetic" segment as he finishes his story about what he did when a rival MC surrounded him. Did Dutch pull a John Wayne?? Find out by listening.

Dutch talks about the successful photo shoot at the WORLD FAMOUS The Ridehard Saloon despite some rat, bastard gutless turd calling “The Man” on "The REAL Man,” Jesse James! See how he dismissed this unctuous twit code enforcement hack into irrelevance. Maybe salami would help the original Glady Kravitz snitch who called in the first place??   Don't miss this segment of "Raw & Unapologetic" Thanks for Listening!

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