Biker Life Radio Present this unique episode on Chuck & Deb Show will take you on a special ride to a secret hideaway, for fun food experiences the Greek way. Learn about the fine dining secret’s when visiting Costa’s in Tarpon Springs. Hear how our guest unfortunate life circumstances helped him turn a difficult situation into an opportunity to learn and fall in love with his Greek Heritage. We even have a local event to celebrate this culture each year in our own back yard. The biggest surprise is how he experienced being a positive COVID-19 victim that recovered is well on his way back to a normal healthy lifestyle. 

This episode of “Raw & Unapologetic” with Dutch Van Alstin the author of the Life Behind Bars Book Series, Dutch rants about people’s hysteria any why he calls for everyone to just settle DOWN!! List to Dutch explain why Politicians are playing us and better be fully aware of this! George Costanza (Seinfeld fame) helps him explain why it’s a fact people react NOT to their experiences, but only to their INTERPRETATION of their experiences. He uses his own motorcycle crash of 2006 as an example, and part of a story when I got surrounded by a rival club years ago.  (Part II is NEXT WEEK!) Also, the big reveal on who was selected for his next book cover.

Jesse James
The Ridehard Saloon
Joyce Mochrie
Sugar Shafer
William McGuigan
Jennifer JZ Zabetakis
Kit Andrew

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