In this unique episode of the Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll get a completely new outlook on new year resolutions and so much more.

1:37 Dutch Van Alstin starts his weekly segment and of course he's "Raw & Unapologetic". After listening to this segment you'll learn what Dutch has in store for his new year and also learn a very important bible verse that all bikers need to know. Find out why Dutch is the most perfect human being on earth. Don't miss this! This segment is rated R. 

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16:06 In this special segment you'll meet Brian A. Hill, a Humanistic Astrologer, author, spiritual counselor and metaphysical teacher just to name a few. Brian provides a new perspective when it comes to new year resolutions, that might change the way you look at them in 2020.

34:34 Brian provides a special gift to our listeners by helping each person understand their astrological characteristics and how to use your strength and weakness in 2020.

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58:54 Chuck & Deb offer the listeners a Free Course on How To Grow, Expand & Thrive in 2020.
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There are some echo's on the podcast but they don't last long. We will work to make this better in 2020.

Thanks to ALL our listeners for your support. :)

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Enjoy the show!

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