Listening to this episode of the biker life with the Chuck & Deb Show is like squeezing your brain like a sponge. This show will take everything out of you and leave you feeling like a sponge brained biker.

First these "bad" ass bikers go dancing then they take you out to dinner with them and end up getting drunk at a distillery. The Loaded Cannon Distillery... and they did get loaded. What they probably don't tell you is that they got Eighty-Sixed. Seriously, who would want these chumps in a distillery?? 

They also ramble on and on about riding their motorcycles in the rain, as if it takes superman skills and abilities. You've got to feel sorry for Deb, as Chuck is always torchering and tormenting her emotionally and physically, by making her ride in the worst rain storm Florida has ever known.

They change their "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" segment to "WTF" or what they call "What The Freak". Oh, this is a perfect match for this oddball motorcycling couple, from hell itself.  If you are into playing hide and seek this segment is worth a listen!

The Crazy Chucke Cheese discusses his so called "Movie Critique Of The Week" where he gives away the ending to Hells Belles and then shares his freakish opinion of this famous biker movie.

Finally they end up talking about how they got the boot from the West Coast Florida Riders Block Party in St. Pete. Now that they aren't going to be there it's really going to be one hell of a block party. Calling all Bikers: this is a "Chuck & Deb Show" free event. Start your engines and let the party begin. Hell Yeah!

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