In this Episode of the Chuck & Deb Show you'll hear all sorts of worthless garbage from these two posers as they take you down a road to absolutely nowhere. Learn as Coach Deb, the only sane person on this show shares what a Motorcycle Squid is, and how you can become one in less than 1 minute! You'll want to wear your "Squid" badge everywhere you go. It takes a squid, to know a squid and it's a very special club. 


Find out what these two freaks do in their spare time and how you'll want to be sure and avoid them at all cost. You do not want to be sitting anywhere near these people at a bar.


Chuck threatens to leave Deb for Sturgis but it all backfires when Deb announces (after the show) she's going to be going to Sturges with Billy Lane. Rumors have it that Chuck is still locked up in a mental ward, pulling his last two hairs out. 


Listen as Chuck and Deb tell you where they will be visiting and riding motorcycles, so you can do just the opposite. These people are so sick they make up stories; in this one they talk about how they are getting invited to places by people. B.S.!! There is no way in Hell anyone is inviting these two imbeciles anywhere.


You'll lose all your chrome in this episode when you hear Chuck speak on topics he has absolutely no knowledge or experience of. 


They go on, and on, and on, about the Easy Rider movie 50th Anniversary. It just never ends they may talk until the 100th anniversary.  HELP!


The picture of this podcast says it all. FREAKS!


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